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  • Your Data is Complicated. Accessing It Shouldn't Be.

    Sandman frees the data in your existing database. Search and edit your data right in your browser using Sandman's beautiful admin interface.

  • Create Connected Services

    Using the RESTful API service Sandman provides for your legacy data, your developers can quickly create new services for your data. And they don't need to learn complicated database programming to do so. Sandman's REST API looks just like that of Twitter, GitHub, Google. All the services they're already used to.

    Sandman Makes Things "REST"

    REST API that is. Sandman creates a RESTful service for your database in seconds without writing a line of code.

  • Get Started Today

    Sandman has no complex setup or code for your developers to write. You're a single download away from seeing your data in a whole new light
    What Does Setting Up Sandman Look Like?

    $ sandmanctl 'mysql://your_database_here'

  • You're Not In It Alone

    Get full installation, configuration, and usage support, plus integration with your existing systems and custom feature development

    Support When You Need It

    In addition to comprehensive documentation, we offer Enterprise Support and Integration.

Enter Sandman

Sandman lets you interact with your database through a simple website and takes seconds to setup. For your developers, Sandman creates a REST API to program against, letting them create new services for your existing data using a format they're already used to.

admin screenshot

Sandman requires no clunky installation or integration. It simply makes all of your existing data available in a way that's easy for both business analysts and developers to use. And with professional support and documentation, your data will always be accessible. Don't rely on slow, overcomplicated applications to access your data. See for yourself the power that Sandman provides. Your data will thank you

Inside Sandman

What Can Sandman Do For You?

With so many possible uses, Sandman is the one tool no business should be without. It generates a positive ROI on day-one.

See the difference
A Simple, Beautiful View of Your Data

Sandman's Admin Panel allows you to search, filter, and edit your data all through your favorite web browser.

A REST API Without Boilerplate

After the two-minute setup process, Sandman creates a REST API for your database automatically. Other similar products require your developers to write tedious boilerplate code, wasting their time and your resources. Sandman uses introspection to make boilerplate a thing of the past.

Create Connected Services

You've never had this kind of flexibility with your data. Sandman makes writing BI tools, automated reports, and ad-hoc data analysis a snap through its programmatic interface.All created for you automatically, with no setup.

Top Notch Support

Sandman is supported commercially by its creator, as well as support staff. Help is never more than a phone call away.

3 Steps to Awesome

Learn how easy it is to install and use Sandman

Download the software

Download Sandman for free in a matter of seconds. We kept Sandman lean-and-mean to minimize download time and install size.

Connect Sandman To Your Database

Connect Sandman to your existing database using a simple configuration tool. You'll literally be ready in under a minute.

Fire Up Your Browser

Once you start Sandman, fire up your favorite web browser and head to the URL Sandman instructs you to visit. You'll see your database's tables and data waiting there for you.

Developers, This One's For You

Love your data but hate how you interact with it? Sandman creates a HATEOAS RESTful API service out of the box for you. See what cURL-ing your database is like.

cURL Your Database

cURL your database